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Work Visits

One-day technical excursions will be organised on the last day of the Congress to present the Polish foundry engineering, . The participants will be able to visit foundry plants of various production profiles as well as the most important scientific-research foundry centres and universities of technology. 7 technical excursions are planned concerning the issues listed below:

* production of large, small-serial and unitary castings of ferrous alloys

* highly mechanised and automated production of castings of ferrous alloy

* production of investment castings of ferrous alloys + production of castings from non-ferrous metals alloys cast in die casting technology

* production of castings of non-ferrous metals alloys cast in pressure die casting and gravity die casting technology:

* scientific-research and scientific-didactic foundry Centres

* production of stoppers and nozzles for iron and steel foundries


If you are interested in taking part in any of the work visits please book a place throught your on-line 73 WFC registartion account.

The Organizer  does not guarantee that all tours will be arranged. It depends on the amount of the interested participants.