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27/09/2018,   8.00-17.30

Nemak, Bielsko-Biała

Nemak Poland domiciled in Bielsko-Biała is the oldest company of the Nemak group. Its origin dates back to the year 1878 when Karol Hess founded a textile factory. In 1932 a number of diecasting machines were purchased. It was the actual starting point of the foundry practice both in our company and throughout Poland.

Nemak Poland has specialized in three types of castings: engine blocks, gearbox casings and coupling boxes, cylinder heads and also structural components.These parts are manufactured according to two technological processes:

High-pressure diecasting (HPDC process)

Gravity diecasting (GDC process)

Since the company in Bielsko-Biała joined the Nemak Group, we have developed dynamically.

Both the production output and the number of complex technological projects have grown step by step. We have been working together successfully with leading automotive manufacturers, for example, in the production of components for the new BMW motor

Nemak Poland is the only company of the Nemak Europe Business Unit that has the experience and expertise for high-pressure diecasting. And this was the reason why the management board decided to establish the product development centre for high-pressure diecasting here.

At present the companies of the Nemak group are supported by the development centre in the technological field as follows:

– Creation of the technical conditions for new projects

– Project management

– Design and manufacture of moulds

– Development of computer simulations for casting processes

– Design of casting units

– Supporting other companies during the startup phase of new production lines