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Tour 3


27/09/2018,   8.00-18.00

Odlewnia Żeliwa WULKAN SA

Iron Foundry WULKAN SA specializes in medium and high-volume production of gray iron castings in automatic moulding technology (disamatic).

Castings weighing from 0.01kg to 20kg are produced for the automotive, machine and construction industries. 70% of production goes through further mechanical treatment. The annual production capacity is about 9000 tons of castings.

During the tour participants will have an opportunity to visit the Iron Foundry WULKAN SA along with its two subsidiaries: LAWA and FENIX MACHINES.

LAWA sp. o.o. deals with mechanical processing of castings.

FENIX MACHINES sp. z o.o. manufactures numerically controlled grinding machines. Application of modern CNC grinders in the foundry process ensures accuracy of the shape of the grinded product and high process efficiency. Robotization of grinded castings loading process results in a further increase in its efficiency.


Częstochowa – Jasna Góra Monastery

The monastery on Jasna Gora was founded in 1382 by the Pauline monks who came from Hungary at the invitation of Władysław, Prince of Opole. The monastery has been a place of pilgrimage for hundreds of years and contains an important icon of the Virgin Mary. The Icon of the Virgin and Child is known as the Black Madonna of Czestochowa or the Madonna of Czestochowa, which is widely venerated and attributed to many miracles. More information …