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Tour 2


​27/09/2018,   8.00-18.00

Odlewnie Polskie SA, Starachowice

ODLEWNIE POLSKIE S.A. Foundry in Starachowice is located 160 km from Krakow (in the middle of the Krakow – Warsaw route) – easy access, about 2.5 hours by car.

Starachowice and the Foundry are located on the edge of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains – the oldest mountains in Poland.

The foundry produces around 20,000 tons of castings per year, 80% of which are made from spheroidal cast irons.

Casting parts for the machine industry, automotive industry, railways, construction, agricultural machinery, power industry – a typical service foundry. Production of around 900 items a year, for around 100 clients.

Technological process based on smelting cast iron in 3 induction furnaces with a capacity of 7 tons each and 2 automatic molding lines with vertical and horizontal division of the mold (LORAMENDI line with variable chamber and Heinrich-Wagner-Sinto line). Typical castings which weight from 1 to 100 kg are made in bentonite moulding sands (green sand technology). 75% of castings require cores – most cores are made in cold-box technology on Laempe machines. Grinding of castings is done using grinding machines and robots. The company has the possibility of mechanical machining of ready castings, priming and painting of castings, and their partial assembly.

Since 2010, the Research and Development Center of Casting Components has been operating in the Company. The company has a high-quality control and measurement facility, including a CT scanner for castings and the ATAS metallurgical control system. The Foundry is the only Polish producer of ADI cast iron castings.

Patterns are made in the house on two CNC machines, including design with the assistance of computer programs with possibility of flow simulation and solidification.

The trip includes:

  • visit to the Technical Museum in Starachowice with the perfectly preserved Large Furnace from 1899, which initiated the history of the Foundry in Starachowice.
  • multimedia presentation of the Odlewnie Polskie Foundry,
  • visiting the Foundry,
  • picnic in the Foundry perimiter.


Museum of Nature and Technology, Starachowice

It is thus the first museum created in the XXI century in Poland. The facility covers an area of 8 hectares, on which the objects are located two chronologically successive blast furnace plants.

Elder „released in motion” in 1841   and its successor built a few hundred meters away in the  1899 year. They provide a perfect illustration of the technological development of nineteenth-century steel industry, as a whole preserved its terrace and a technological system. Starting from the flyover railwayj, which was supplied to the premises by the feedstockboxes warehouses, a water towerup to the  blast furnace fuel coke, which is the most precious object in the museum. No less valuable and the most intriguing it is one of the world’s largest steam engine.