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Metalodlew SA was established in January 1994.

Metalodlew SA offers one-off unit casts, short series manually formed in sand forms, made of several dozen types of cast steel (up to 15 mg), cast iron (up to 25 mg), non-ferrous metal alloys, with various mixes depending on shape and weight.

Mission: Metalodlew – a recognised and effective producer of one-off unit castings.

Casting process engineering

The engineering of casting processes both for steel and iron castings is aided by CAD 3D type software. The effectiveness of these engineered processes has been verified with the most recent version of the Magmasoft software, which has been equipped with modules for  the simulation of pouring, solidification and stress distribution in steel and iron castings, as well as a module for the forecasting of iron casting mechanical properties.

Production of patterns

We have our own pattern shop, where we make patterns of Textolite, wood, foamed polystyrene or resin. Our patterns and customers’ patterns are stored within air-conditioned warehouses which are amongst the biggest facilities in Poland.

Steel castings

We are experienced in the production of carbon, low- and high-alloy steel castings, with a unit weight up to 15Mg and a carbon content of over 0.1%. For steel castings containing less than 0.07% of carbon – we are able to make castings with a unit weight up to 4Mg.

The steel is melted in electric arc furnaces of 8.5Mg capacity each, and in two-pot induction furnaces of 1Mg capacity each. In addition we have the option of metal ladle treatment by argon bubbling.

Moulds and cores are made of ester hardened alkaline phenol resin bonded sands using continuous mixer-feeders.

The heat treatment of castings is performed in three computer controlled furnaces, depending on the material grade and customer requirements. The maximum dimensions of heat treated components are 5.8 x 3.1 x 1.8 m.

Iron castings

We make grey iron castings weighing up to 30Mg, and S.G. iron castings with a maximum unit weight up to 25Mg.

Iron is melted in a two-pot medium-frequency induction furnace by Otto Junker, with a capacity of each crucible of 12Mg, and in a grid-frequency induction furnace with a crucible capacity of 2,5Mg.

Moulds and cores are made of furane sands that are based on reclaimed quartz sand by continuous mixer-feeders.

Non-ferrous metals castings

We are experienced in the manufacturing of castings of non-ferrous alloys such as bronze and brass, as well as in the casting of bearing metals.

We melt non-ferrous metals in two-pot induction furnaces with capacities of 1 tonne, and 50 and 100 kg. We also use an electric resistance furnace with a capacity of 200 kg.

Machining of castings

Depending on customers’ requirements, we offer machining – roughing and finishing. Machining Department is equipped with two numerically controlled (CNC) drilling/milling machines, three vertical lathes and a conventional boring machine.