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THE GOLD SPONSOR of the 73rd World Foundry Congress             


Hüttenes-Albertus (also worldwide known as HA) is the premium international supplier of chemical products and services dedicated to the foundry industry. HA offers its partners a complete range of advanced binder systems and auxiliary products for every stage of the foundry manufacturing process, accompanied by comprehensive technical and logistic support.

With a strong global network, involving about two thousand dedicated employees in more than 30 countries, the HA Group enables its customers to make use of best state-of-the-art products. Materials labeled with the HA brand are used in the production of casted parts, serving all industrial segments such as automotive, energy, transportation and engineering.

In Poland the HA Group is represented by HA Polska, well known as “first address” in the continuously developing Polish foundry industry. HA is firmly committed to offering high-tech, economical and eco-friendly products together with an extensive range of services to the foundry industry. In Poland and worldwide.


THE SILVER SPONSOR of the 73rd World Foundry Congress             

Targi Kielce SA

Expos – the passion we have been filled with for 25 years!

Targi Kielce S.A., ranked second among all Central and Eastern Europe’s expo centres is Poland’s most rapidly developing company of this kind. Every year, Targi Kielce is the stage for more than 75 expos and 700 conferences; most of these events enjoy the international status. Among them there is the 73rd World Foundry Congress „Creative Foundry” in Krakow; Targi Kielce is the Congress sponsor and co-organizer.

Targi Kielce celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year; the expo-centre’s history is also associated with METAL – the International Fair of Technologies for Foundry METAL. 2018’s METAL trade show will host industry insiders who attend the World Foundry Congress. The Kielce expo centre is world-famous owing to its International Defence Industry Exhibition which comes at par with Paris’ and London’s defence industry trade-shows. Targi Kielce is also home for PLASTPOL – plastics and rubber processing business sector expo, Poland’s most international trade fair.  AGROTECH with more than 70,000 visitors is Poland’s largest agricultural technology expo. Targi Kielce is also the presentation stage for the sacral, funeral, sport, children and cycling exhibitions and many others.

Targi Kielce is where business, science, arts and medicine meet, the venue for conferences, congresses and seminars, jubilee ceremonies. Poland’s most state-of-the-art expo and congress pavilion can be used as the venue for  events for 4,500 people. The Congress Centre with its 19 conference halls can host up to 1,000 people. The Kielce Expo Centre is ranked second in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of number of exhibitors and exhibition space leased; Targi Kielce is ahead of Hungexpo Budapest, Brno and Kyiv exhibition centres. Every year the Kielce staged expo host 250,000 visitors from 60 countries, 7.6 thousand exhibiting companies. The total rented exhibition space accounts to 255 thousand m2.


THE BRONZE SPONSOR of the 73rd World Foundry Congress             

Silum Sp. z o.o.

„SILUM” is a private limited liability company established in 1990. The core business of the company is the production of die casting Al-Si alloys which weight from few up to 6000 g.

Along with the development of the manufacturing potential of the foundry, the infrastructure related to its function was developed, in particular the tool room and the machining department. In 1997, two new companies were separated from „SILUM”.

These are: „SILTOOL” Tool Factory, which manufactures foundry tools and „SILBIKE”, which performs machining of castings and produces metal products made with use of machining technology.

The production profile of „SILUM” is an assortment of about 350 different die castings. The main customers of our products are household appliances, automobile accessories, gas measuring and reducing devices, and electrical products. Tens of percent of our products are sold to European Union countries. Castings are delivered according to customers wishes in raw, cleaned, machined or in assembled components. Company owned shipping allows delivery of goods to the customer’s warehouse.



THE BRONZE SPONSOR of the 73rd World Foundry Congress             

ASK Chemicals

ASK Chemicals is one of the world’s largest suppliers of foundry chemicals and consumables, with a comprehensive product and service portfolio of binders, coatings, feeders, filters, and release agents, as well as metallurgical products including inoculants, Mg-treatment, and inoculation wires and master alloys for iron casting. Core manufacturing and development of prototypes as well as a broad offer of simulation services complete the range of supply.

With research and development in Europe, America, and Asia, ASK Chemicals sees itself as the driving force behind industry-specific innovations and is committed to offering customers a consistently high level of quality. Flexibility, quickness, quality, and sustainability, as well as cost-effective products and services, are of key importance.



THE BRONZE SPONSOR of the 73rd World Foundry Congress             

Iron Foundry WULKAN SA

Iron foundry WULKAN SA produces grey cast iron for the automotive, machine and construction industries. The company combines rich foundry tradition with modern casting and machining technologies. WULKAN offers its customers a complete experience, from tooling design and construction, through raw casting, up to the mechanical treatment and coating application. The annual production capacity is about 9000 tons of castings. The company is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. WULKAN SA along with its subsidiaries creates a casting group, which provides its customers with the best quality of manufactured products and full service. The subsidiary LAWA deals with mechanical processing as well as foundry tooling design and production.

FENIX MACHINES, also being  a part of the group, manufactures numerically controlled grinding machines. Application of modern CNC grinding machines in the foundry process ensures accuracy of the shape of the grinded product, high process efficiency, elimination of hard human work and also natural environment friendly process.


THE BRONZE SPONSOR of the 73rd World Foundry Congress             

The KIMURA Group’s

The KIMURA Group’s early attention on “Full Mold Casting process” and its continuous pioneering research led to success in the industrialization of the foundry product in an early stage in Japan.  We didn’t stick to the conventional casting method.  We established our own exclusive casting method much earlier than other casting companies in the industry.  With the use of leading digital technology, we developed a high production line with our own techniques in order to give better customer service.  We also introduced the most innovative non-pollution facilities.  In April 1988, Omaezaki Factory(Shizuoka Prefecture) commenced operation base on the theme of the new generation foundry that is environmentally friendly environment completely changed the image of the conventional foundry.  We received ISO 9001 certification which is the International Standard quality management system and Lloyd for the quality assurance.  We also received ISO 14001 certification which acknowledges the foundry’s compliance with the requirements of local and global environmental management system. Based on this clean foundry, we aim to establish a smart foundry with high-end facilities including such as safety, high quality, high accuracy, automation, unmanned by tackling the worldwide innovative production system, technology and the flow of products.


THE BRONZE SPONSOR of the 73rd World Foundry Congress             

Odlewnie Polskie SA 

Odlewnie Polskie S.A. is a modern foundry that manufactures castings for the international market of automotive industry, industrial fittings, energy industry, agricultural machinery and other kinds of machine industries. Thanks to investments in technology (27 million euro in recent years) the foundry produces 17 000 tonnes of spheroidal, grey, SiMo and ADI iron castings annually (with mechanical treatment and machining). Because of robotized foundry plant, progressive software, modern measuring devices and Research and Development Center the company is able to guarantee the best quality of offered goods.

Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TECHNICAL RAILWAY APPROVAL no. AT/07-2013-0294-00 issued by Railway Institute.