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Exhibition: ‚Creative Foundry’

To emphasise the main motto of the Congress: ‘Creative Foundry’, the special exhibition will be organised in the ICE Kraków Congress Centre on September 24-25th. The co-organizer of the exhibition will be the Poznań International Fair. Its aim is to show the leading role of scientific and research centers, universities and enterprises in Poland and around the world . The exhibition will present creative and innovative solutions in foundry engineering technologies, castings,  materials, casting productions, instrumentations, machines and foundry devices as well as in management solutions.

List of exhibitors


 AnyCasting Software
  Cold Jet
  Ditta Musto
 Ferro-Term Sp. z o.o.
  Huttenes Albertus
  Instal Filter
  Otto Junker
  Silum Sp. z o.o.
  Thermo Fisher Scientific
  World Foundry Organization
 Wulkan SA




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