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It’s been a quarter of a century since we last had the privilege of hosting members of the World Foundry Organisation in Poland. This has been a crucial period in the history of our country and our industry. So it comes as no surprise that we are thrilled that in September 2018 we will once again have the pleasure of greeting you in Krakow and other Polish cities. This time, WFO sessions will take place in a modern convention centre with a view of the Royal Castle in Krakow. They will be accompanied by fascinating exhibitions, including international trade fairs, and Polish industry and research centres will also be represented. We are certain that the Congress will also be a time for cultural and aesthetic experiences. Krakow is waiting for participants from all over the world, and the organisers will do their best to make the occasion a memorable display of the country’s hospitality. Please come visit us!

Polish Foundrymen’s Association

and  the Organisational Committee of the 73rd World Foundry Congress




EARLY REGISTARTION         October 2017 – 30th June 2018
LATE REGISTRATION         30th June 2018 – 31st August 2018
ABSTRACT SUBMMISION        1st October – 31st March 2018
ACCEPTANCE OF ABSTRACTS        31st May 2018
CAMERA-READY ABSTRACT        30th June 2018
SUBMISSION OF FULL PAPER        27th September 2018



Temporary schedule of 73rd World Foundry Congress

File to download (temporary schedule of 73WFC)

General schedule of Congress sessions


File to download (general schedule of Congress session)

General Kinematics became
THE BRONZE SPONSOR of the 73rd World Foundry Congress  

General Kinematics specializes in vibratory and rotary solutions for bulk processing of material in the foundry. GK is one of the world’s largest and most innovative suppliers of vibratory processing equipment, holding hundreds of patents, and acknowledged as a major contributor to the technical advancement of vibrating equipment design and application. For over five decades GK has maintained a reputation for innovative designs, engineered to excel in the most demanding environments.


Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie became
THE GOLD SPONSOR of the 73rd World Foundry Congress  

Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie is the leader of the exhibition industry in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our portfolio includes 100 brands. It also includes B2B events, aimed at professionals, and B2C trade fairs – large events and local festivals. They are attended by guests from all over the world, also thanks to the Hosted Buyers programme, a match-making project consisting in organizing business meetings of exhibitors and a selected group of commercial partners. Among our flagship trade fairs are: ITM Poland and Foundry Forum FOCAST – the leading industrial exhibition, BUDMA – International Construction and Architecture Fair, DREMA – International Trade Fair of Machines and Tools for Wood Industry or MEBLE POLSKA – Furniture Fair. Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie successfully organize large events for the enthusiasts of aviation, automotive industry, computer games and horse riding.

In 2017, 57 trade fair events organized by MTP were attended by more than 9 thousand exhibitors, including approx. 1,600 from 59 countries of the world. Our fairgrounds were visited by more than 710 thousand visitors. To this group the guests of congresses, conferences, and cultural and sporting events need to be added. In total, the MTP fairgrounds host annually more than 1,100,000 people.

For years, we have been a „Polish window on the world”, and we were associated mainly with fair organization, but the scope of our activity is much wider.  Today, Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie also means marketing services, fair stand construction, catering services, venue management and a conglomerate of such brands as Poznań Congress Center, IDEAEXPO.MTP, City Marketing of GARDENcity providing complementary services in the event organization industry.

Thanks to its infrastructure, experience in preparing large scale business and entertainment events, Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie can organize almost every event from beginning to end.

We believe in the power of meetings, which is why we have been organizing them continuously for nearly 100 years, bringing together people from all over the world.


Foseco became
THE SILVER SPONSOR of the 73rd World Foundry Congress  

Foseco, is a world leader in the supply of foundry consumables and solutions. The foundry process is highly sequential and critically dependent on consistency of product quality and productivity optimization. Our solutions and advanced computer simulation techniques allow foundries to reduce casting defects such as pinholes, shrinkage cavity, inclusions, scabbing, penetration or veining. Hence the Foseco products reduce labor-intensive fettling and machining, minimize metal usage requirements, influence the metal solidification process and automate moulding and casting, thus reducing cost, energy usage and mould size. 

The comprehensive range of foundry consumables and equipment for iron, steel and non-ferrous foundries includes insulating and exothermic feeding systems, filters for liquid iron, steel and aluminum, direct pour technology, solidification simulation software, non-ferrous metal treatment and degassing systems, metal stream inoculation, advanced coatings, environmentally friendly binders, lining systems for ladles and furnaces as well as energy saving crucibles.


PGO Group becomes a patron of the Young Researchers’ Seminar  

The motto of this year’s 73rd World Foundry Congress in Kraków is “Creative Foundry”. The element of creativity that leads to new ideas, plans, connections and connotations is the core of original solutions and their modern implementations.

As a learning organization that is open to change, the PGO Group seeks to inspire its employees, as well as ambitious students and graduates, to continue to develop.

“We have the ambition to influence the modern industrial reality. This requires involvement in
and constant development of our technical and R&D competences. We are delighted to have the opportunity to support young researchers through such things as our participation in the Young Researchers’ Seminar, for which we funded the prize for the best speech delivered during the session,” says Łukasz Petrus, President of the Management Board of PGO SA.